Bike Giant Rubber Frame Grommet

Giant-rubber-frame-grommet Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetGiant Rubber Frame Grommet. Giant Rubber Frame Grommet These rubber grommets are used for internal cable routing. There is smaller opening to allow 1 cable to pass through. Also available in two hole or no hole option Features: Sold Individualy One Hole Two Hole No Hole..
Chromag-titanium-thumbscrew-upgrade Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetChromag Titanium Thumbscrew Upgrade. Chromag Titanium Thumbscrew Upgrade Chromags Ti Thumbscrew Upgrade is custom made titanium bolt specifically designed for their quick release assembly. It weighs in at only 5 grams and measures 40mm in length, Weight: 5g Length: 40mm..
Ibis-hd3-removable-iscg-tab Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetIbis HD3 Removable Iscg Tab. Ibis HD3 ISCG Tab Adapter If you fancy chain guide on Mojo HDR or Mojo HD3frame, this little aluminum doodad is what you need to make it happen. Enables use of chainguide which is designed to mount to ISCG 05 tabs For use with standard ISCG 05 style chainguides onl..
Ibis-internal-cable-routing-ports Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetIbis Internal Cable Routing Ports. Ibis Internal Cable Port For Ibis Mojo 3, Mojo HD3, Tranny 29, Ripley and Ripley LS, use these cable ports and stops to run whatever drive train you would like. Choose appropriate option for specific cable routing. Features: Black Polycarbonate 4mm ports for use wi..
Ibis-mojo-hd3-front-derailleur-mount Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetIbis Mojo HD3 Front Derailleur Mount. Ibis Direct Mount Front Derailleur Adapter This adapter allows for use of direct mount front derailleur on bike frame with 34.9 seattube. Features: Aluminum Black For 34.9 diameter seat tubes only…
Jamis-parker-09-seatstay-pivot-assembly Bike Giant Rubber Frame GrommetJamis Parker 09 Seatstay Pivot Assembly. Jamis Parker 09 Seatstay Pivot Assembly..